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     In the social space, everyday consumers are becoming increasingly less attentive, as their attention is proving to be much tougher to capture than before.  Because of this, the art of user-friendliness – in all aspects – has claimed a much more prominent role for marketers and creators alike.  Consider each potential consumer’s attention span when you develop your marketing strategies.  In order to obtain and retain consumers’ attention, brands should install a number of tactics designed to enhance the user experience by making it as easy as possible.


     One way to do this is to construct quality-of-life additions to social pages.  For example, instead of having a haphazard bio page with multiple links, perhaps a service like Linktree would be of use; this service enables brands to create one, neat link that redirects to multiple other links.  Similarly, creating posts with easily understandable copy and simplistic accompanying media can go a long way toward capturing your consumers’ attention spans.  If your content is overwhelming or left to open interpretation, consumers may abandon it, scrolling on through their feed or to other pages.   Social media, from a business perspective, is usually not the place to force a ton of thinking into the equation on a daily basis.  


     It’s all about knowing your unique target audience and catering to their needs – with a little psychology mixed in.  Social platforms’ analytic features offer invaluable information about content performance and audience retention and should be reviewed and utilized as often as possible to determine areas upon which to improve.  When there’s something impressive that jumps out at you – say, a high CTR – dive into every metric to determine a possible cause.  From a content creation perspective, likely causes would be an especially attractive thumbnail or title.  When the cause is determined, run some tests, and when you find success, do not hesitate to use a similar format going forward until you may notice a dip in performance.


     When in doubt, it’s helpful to try and think of the answer to this daring question: “How can I make it as easy as possible for all prospective, new, and existing followers to complete the actions that will help me reach my KPIs?” Whether that’s watching a video, clicking a link to your website, or completing an action, like an add-to-cart or checkout, it’s imperative to keep your consumers – and their experience – front of mind when creating your content. 


     Consider testing multiple creatives, messages, and platforms to reach your target audience and inspire desired actions. Different formats may resonate with different consumers, so try different angles with your copy, a mix of media types, etc. Have fun with it! Consumers want to be captivated, entertained, and informed, so be creative and try to anticipate how your content will be received. Give them something that is both interesting and simple to understand, and you’re likely to capture – and hold – their attention.

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