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Our cutting-edge technology and advanced methodologies allow us to provide unparalleled support to legal teams, helping them to navigate even the most complex of cases with confidence.


Litigation Messaging Support

The adage “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will” is never more accurate than in litigation communication strategies. Far too often, the class-action plaintiff lawyers drive the product and brand narrative during complicated, high-profile cases.

Misinformation has material, and potentially avoidable, effects on sales and market value. Modeling prospective juror pools, testing theories at scale, and measuring persuasive impact prior to the pre-trial process creates meaningful insight for both trial strategy and for maintaining product and brand integrity during the trial process.

Our professionals work closely with clients’ legal counsel and communications teams to ensure that the communications and public relations efforts are consistent with the legal and regulatory strategy. Most importantly, we create and execute paid-media campaigns that position our clients’ brands for success on the other side of the litigation process.

Jury Consulting and Decision Support Modeling

We offer a comprehensive range of litigation support services that leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to help legal teams make informed decisions when it comes to jury selection and trial strategy. Our solutions are designed to complement traditional profiling methods with large-scale statistical modeling, allowing us to model prospective juror pools and provide additional data points for edge cases in the selection process. With our advanced modeling, we can even distinguish between similarly graded jurors with limited data, giving our clients a more complete understanding of each potential juror.

In addition to jury selection support, we also offer services to measure and understand sentiment around litigation, as well as test legal theories and arguments at scale. Our solutions provide valuable insights into the persuasive impact of legal strategies and arguments, enabling legal teams to make informed decisions before trial. Our team of experts goes the extra mile to alert legal teams to any additional potentially hazardous jurors that may not be identified through traditional methods, ensuring that they approach the trial process with greater confidence and achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.



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